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My journey began at age 4, when i first realized that my destiny is to be some sort of a doctor. Sounds like a typical cliche? Yes,maybe it is, but you can not argue with the fact that that’s exactly how it happened. I was sick very often as a kid, so it just so happen that i spent majority of my time at my pediatrician's office.I admired my sweet pediatrician dr. Benno, i was so taken by the fact he always knew what’s wrong with my body (or at least so i thought) and prescribed a magical pink yummy fluid that almost immediately transformed me. Of course my understanding of the healing concept has transformed since but still, I give dr. Benno the credit for  the way he inspired me to become a doctor of some sort. I finished a the conventional 12 years of study, at highschool I fell in love with biology and chemistry and then deepened  my knowledge further during my Bachelor degree days in Molecular biology and Biochemistry.I graduated my B.Sc from Ben Gurion university at the top of my class and decided then to move to NYC to continue my studies of the human body. After 4 intensive years at the prestiges Pacific college of oriental medicine, i graduated at the top of my class with a MS.c in Oriental medicine.  I opened a practice in Nyc and later on in New jersey, and for the past 12 years have ran a thriving practice that hundreds of patients from all five boroughs, entire state of New Jersey, upstate NY, Europe and Asia.Over the years, I have trained in a few additional healing methods, two improtant ones being NAET and the Gate. NAET has allowed me to give solutions to patients with severe allergies and chronic devastating autoimmune conditions and these two have become the focus of my practice.  Through the Gate i am able to support patients with severe emotional traumas and different mental and emotional imbalances. In 2016 i completed my professional doctorate in Chinese medicine at Pacific College and became an adjunct faculty there. In 2018 I have decided it is time to move home, to Israel and i opened "Mor Holistic medicine clinic". Since 2019 I am also the head of NAET israel and have the exclusive right to teach it here. I have trained dozens of students in the last four years in this magnificent healing modality. 

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