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Chinese Medicine works like a charm on children, “our little friends”, as they are called in China.
When Mor began treating kids she found they were affected by many of the same problems that plague adults; bad diet, lack of sleep and stress–but they have fewer resources to fight back, and their small bodies become unbalanced very easily. Luckily, children also respond to acupuncture therapy very quickly. Sometimes just one treatment is enough to nudge them back into balance, “curing” an illness they’ve been struggling with for months, and taking them off potentially harmful medications. In an era where steroids and antibiotics are prescribed like candy, traditional medicine is an important tool to help kids become healthy and to stay healthy and drug free.
When treating children, it’s particularly important to understand each patient’s specific needs. For a therapy to be effective, Kids (and their parents) have to feel comfortable with it, and Acupuncture is not always the right choice. Techniques like Shoni Shin, gentle electrical stimulation (aka ‘the tickling machine’) and massage that can activate acupuncture points minimize stress on sensitive little bodies.  Mor loves treating kids; she makes sure they enjoy their visits to Myrrh and that they look forward to the next session.

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