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Just as each patient has a unique diagnosis, each patient is prescribed a unique treatment. A treatment tailored to the individual’s constitution, condition and sensitivities; designed to restore balance to the body where it has fallen out of synch. At Myrrh, acupuncture, the healing touch of Tui na massage and herbal medicines are combined to encourage the most effective healing process. But the treatment doesn’t end there. Follow-up is important, and Mor keeps track of your progress adjusting the treatment as the conditions of your body change and improve.

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Cupping is a technique that has been used for centuries, not only in China but also in Eastern Europe and other areas around the world. Oxygen is drawn out of a cup with fire, then the cup is placed on the skin to create a local congestion. This technique is pain free, most people even enjoy it. It is very effective in fighting a wet cough, or for asthmatics. It is also used for pain because of its ability to promote the flow of blood to the affected area. At Myrrh we also use fire-free cups in pediatrics; the kids love it, and we call it the ‘pumping machine’.

This is a specialized gentle cutaneous stimulation for infants and children. This technique originates in Japan and is now widely used around the world. It involves rhythmic stroking, rubbing, tapping and pressing of the skin in different areas for gentle stimulation. Children find this technique pleasurable and enjoyable, at the same time; it is a very effective method of restoring their delicate balance and strengthening their constitution.

This simple yet effective technique is still used in every household in China. Gua Sha literally means scraping or rubbing. A Gua Sha tool can be anything from a a Chinese soup spoon to an animal horn. The scraping or rubbing of the tool against the skin brings up the “Sha” or pretechia. With the appearance of “Sha” there is a sensation of heat being released from the area and an immediate relief of muscle aches. This technique improves the circulation of blood and boosts immunity.

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Reiki Treatment


Flower essences are a form of energy medicine designed to affect a person’s emotional state rather than physical symptoms.
Dr. Bach, an English doctor at the turn of the 20th century was the first to develops these remedies. He noticed a connection between the emotional state and inability to heal. Plants have  characteristics that correspond with “personality traits” that can help us learn how to meet life’s challenges in a constructive way. The flower essence captures the vibration of the plant and we can utilize that to help with our current challenges.

Moxibustion therapy involves burning of the Mugwort plant over certain Acupuncture points. Mugwort has warming and blood moving properties; when burned over the right Acupuncture point it improves the flow of blood to the area. One of the common uses for Moxa is moving a breech baby back to cephalic positioning. It is also used to warm the uterus, especially important for women who are trying to conceive.

Tui Na is a healing massage that’s an important addition to the Acupuncture treatment. Using the basic principles of Chinese medicine and the knowledge of the location of the meridians and the Acupuncture points, the treatment includes specific techniques as well as acupressure. It’s effective and a very pleasant sensation for the patient.
Chinese Pediatric massage falls under this category as well; it is a gentle technique that is generally effective for kids under the age of 6 . Mor includes it in the office treatment, and teaches the parents how to do it at home on a daily basis to accelerate the healing process.

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